Max's Masthead

Disney Experiences 1994


Dad holding Max in front of Mickey's Starland Max on oversized ant in 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' area of MGM Studios.
I think I remember nothing about Mickey's Starland. I think I only remember it as Mickey's Toontown That ant is still there today.
Mom and Max in ponchos with the fountain and big ball in the background. Mom and Max in front of the castle.
This place looks exactly the same as it does today I do not remember this hedge at all.
Max reacting appropriately to Captain Hook. Max being goofy with Goofy.
Captain Hook doesn't look this creepy today. You can tell I didn't like how he looked. I always did like Goofy.
Lunch at the Prime Time Diner. Max biting Dale's nose.
Back then I wasn't big enough to reach the table on my own. Dale's nose does kind of look like a cherry.